English for Nurses

(English for Nurses)
Lecturer: Irene Trisiska Rusdiyanti

By: Merry Marsela Dalin

English Education Department
Kanjuruhan University of Malang

English for Nurses
Description: This course is carried out for students of nurses is to prepare students to be able to recognize and produce spoken and written language in order to effectively interact with patients, other nurses, supervisors, and the public. And to realize the hospital culture concepts and communications itself. This course takes 12 meetings and 4 skills. The tests will be held 2 times, in sixth meeting and the last in twelve meeting. The form of the tests is written tests and oral tests.

1.      Learners : A group of nurses
2.      Taking place : In Hospital
a.       Meeting:  12 times meeting
b.      Day: Monday and Thursday
c.       Time: 09.30 a.m-12.00 p.m
d.      Duration: 2 hours and half

3.      Content

Meeting 1
Unit One : Healthy Lifestyle
Reading: Heart illnesses
Speaking :Role play (making life changes,
giving advice about stress management)
Grammar : Should/Shouldn’t
Vocabulary : Vitamins
Writing : Writing an Email to offer advice

Meeting 2
Unit Two : Instructions and procedure
Reading : Reading history of GP
Speaking: Role-play
Grammar : Present tense
Vocabulary : Medical jobs, symptoms
Writing : Referral report

Meeting 3
Unit Three : Complaints
Reading : Sign of illness
Speaking : Answering the Phone
Grammar : Yes/No questions
Vocabulary : Describing Pain
Writing : A case report

Meeting 4
Unit Four : Infections
Reading : A passage about Infection Control
Speaking : Explaining a procedure (controlling infections)
Grammar : Modals (could/can, etc.)
Vocabulary : Abbreviation
Writing : A Clinical case report

Meeting 5
Unit Five : Hygienic behaviour
Reading : Obesity
Speaking : Family history story telling
Grammar : Making suggestion phrases
Vocabulary : Health and exercises items
Writing : Am email writing (about a medical case)

Meeting 6 : TEST

Meeting 7
Unit Seven : Diseases
Reading : Memories
Speaking : How to break bad news
Grammar : Likes and Dislikes
Vocabulary : Responses to bad news
Writing : Sympathising letter

Meeting 8
Unit Eight : Multinational hospitals
Reading : Health provider in the UAE
Speaking : Responding to impolite comments
Grammar : Being polite
Vocabulary : Hospitals equipment
Writing : Write a memo

Meeting 9
Unit Six : Parents and children
Reading : Sleep habit and children
Speaking : Sharing experience/ re-assuring language
Grammar : Writing  an assuring letter
Vocabulary : Pediatrician-related terminology
Writing : Practicing a parent-nurse dialogue

Meeting 10
Unit Ten: Medical Transcription Templates
Reading : Healthcare
Speaking : Finding relevant patient information
Grammar : Suggestion letter
Vocabulary : Food, Healthy
Writing : Writing style
involved in healthcare

Meeting 11
Unit Eleven: Healthy Behaviour
Reading:  Heart Attack
Speaking: Life changes
Grammar : Making suggestion phrases
Vocabulary: Health and Effect
Writing: Writing about medical case

Meeting 12 : TEST


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